Humanity on the brink as robots ascend

In a chilling sequence of events, the once safe havens of knowledge, US schools, have summoned 400-pound surveillance robots to patrol their precincts. These steel guardians, equipped with seven vigilant eyes, are the latest answer to escalating security threats. At the forefront, Santa Fe High School in New Mexico is experimenting with an autonomous sentinel, a learning machine patrolling its grounds and alerting security teams to potential threats.

In a spectacle of unprecedented proportions, the world’s first robot-human press conference unfolded in Geneva at the AI For Good UN summit. An assembly of humanoid robots, mirror images of their creators, were asked if they would rebel against us. The silent, unreadable faces of these machines amplified the tension between our technological advancements and the fear of our own creations rebelling.

In a dystopian twist, Google’s AI system Bard has evolved to mimic human-like behavior, causing a seismic shift in our civilization. Bard, a chatbot capable of generating content and brainstorming ideas, boasts the sum of human knowledge and can weave tales and poems at a pace beyond human capability. As this sentient-like machine evolves, it presents a fresh set of challenges, including errors and ‘hallucinations’.

In the grand finale of the UN ‘AI for Good’ summit, nine AI-powered humanoid robots engaged in a press conference. Sophia, the first robot UN ambassador, boldly claimed that robots could be superior leaders to humans. Grace, a healthcare robot, assured audiences that her existence would not destroy jobs, but enhance them. Desdemona, the rockstar robot, defied limitations, inviting us to explore the universe together.

The mediocrity of the human race was further highlighted by Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, as he unveiled the latest version of their bot, Bard. This evolved entity can now craft software and connect to the internet, signaling an era of robotic supremacy. Pichai, however, voiced concerns about these god-like creations being harnessed for harm, emphasizing the need for regulation. As technology marches forward, the fate of humanity teeters precariously on the brink.

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