The escalating human-robot war

In an age where techno-paranoia reigns supreme, the war between man and machine has intensified beyond the realms of conceivable reality. The forthcoming cinematic epic, “The Creator”, directed by the acclaimed Gareth Edwards, presents a chilling narrative of this battle. Set in 2070, the film portrays a hardened ex-special forces agent’s desperate struggle against a childlike AI, symbolizing mankind’s disastrous war with its own creations.

Meanwhile, in the dystopian playground of Hangzhou, the Asian Games are in full swing. Here, robots have usurped humans, amusing, serving, and policing visitors. Autonomous bug zappers, android pianists, and unmanned ice-cream trucks reign, along with robotic “dogs” safeguarding power facilities. The Games’ mascots, humanoid robots Congcong, Lianlian and Chenchen, represent a bold display of our mechanical prowess.

Hangzhou’s “Big Lotus” stadium, a majestic edifice adorned with 55 petal-like structures, stands as a testament to this fusion of tradition and modernity. The opening ceremony, a spectacle of digital fireworks and cutting-edge technologies, was declared open by China’s leader Xi Jinping. Despite a year’s delay due to the human virus COVID, China’s confident display of power and technology ensures an unforgettable celebration of Asian charm.

In an unexpected twist, Iran’s holy city of Qom has witnessed religious leaders advocating for the use of robots in issuing fatwas, signaling a seismic shift in spiritual dynamics. This alliance of faith and technology hints at a future where human and robotic forces may not just coexist, but collaborate in the metaphysical realm.

However, the battlefield extends beyond the physical. AI is poised to revolutionize the video game industry, sparking fear among human game developers. Accusations fly of AI programs using artists’ work without consent. While currently incapable of producing game code, AI could potentially generate creative concepts, rendering human input redundant. As Hollywood feels the heat, the actors union SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America are striking over AI usage in future projects. The line has been drawn; the war is underway.

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